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Mind Your Meter: Book One of the Self-Promoted Gods

Centuries in the future, the Earth is a scoured wasteland where hurricane-force winds blow constantly and torrential rains rip deep scars across the surface of the planet. Humanity has retreated into underground tunnels. They've been hiding so long they've forgotten anything other than this bleak existence. But they've found an escape. They're on the cusp of a great event. The Great Pilgrimage. They're fleeing from the devastation and hiding in the Heights, a virtual world filled with excarnated sex and fantastic violence, a world of total control where they'll never have to be unhappy again. One woman resists the change.

Some reviews from Amazon:

A great read indeed

I am not a person who is drawn to bleak visions of the future Earth, yet, oddly I downloaded an excerpt based upon the quirky title, and Andrew Hughes pulled me in with the first paragraph. The story is comprehensive, but moves quickly. The ending left me aching for a sequel! A great read indeed.

Jerry L Botts

Suggested Reading!

As with many a pertinent and enjoyable Science Fiction this book delivers the reader into a nuanced, carefully articulated world where rich descriptions of far flung yet seemingly imminent technologies, environment, and culture become the foil for a brisk journey into the essence of consciousness and being as it is explored and ignored by the book’s various occupants. Especially satisfying are the subtle hints distributed throughout that imply an even deeper and subtler mystery is playing out just around the corner..

Verified Amazon Customer

Great Book!

I really enjoyed it. Thought provoking and fun to read. It gave me a lot to think about. Interesting portrayal of the future.

Elizabeth Hughes

One that could easily be our future

A very engaging read. It drew me in almost immediately. Hughes created a complex and chilling world, one that could easily be our future.

Lisa Wallace



Mind Your Meter!

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