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App Summary:

Want to talk to your elected representatives? Easily find your elected representatives by address or GPS location and contact them to let them know how you feel!

Now includes both national and state representatives.

Call2Power is absolutely free. No call data is tracked, accumulated, or sold to any third parties. Facebook integration tracks app installs and launches but doesn’t have access to any of the search or call data. I have no control over what Google Civics, Google Geocode, and OpenStates APIs track, but I don’t send them any user information. The app itself does not track user information and will never market or sell user data.

Just enter your address (or use GPS on your phone) and Call2Power will use 3rd party services such as Google Civics API and OpenStates to determine who your elected representatives are. The results are formatted to make calling them as easy as pressing a button.

Also check out if you want to send letters and faxes to your reps.

Android / iOS!

Support: if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know!

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